A Game a Week?

A Game a Week?

Earlier today, Mark Danger Chen tweeted a link to a post by Adriel Wallick: “Make many games, learn many things.” The approach comes from an article on Gamasutra by Rami Ismail on making “A Game A Week.” The method is more about getting moving than creating anything “good”–one week is a reasonable amount of time to invest in something that might fail spectacularly. Mark’s tweet came at a good time for me: I’m between big projects and in search of a way to overcome a creative block. Thus, I’m committing to make a game a week this month, and possibly beyond if I’m successful and the experiment is helpful.

Here’s an overview of Ismail’s rules:

  • Start Monday morning, finish Monday night. Use anything, but make a game.
  • Put the game online. This ensures accountability.
  • Leave old games alone. Once it’s done, move on to something entirely new.
  • Mix it up. Change tools and genres every week.
  • Debrief. Write something, tweet something, learn something.

I’ll be following these rules and posting a game here every Sunday night, probably in the ta-da  nick of time. I’ll link to games created by anyone else who decides to give this a try. So–join me?


Tweet me or comment to be added to the list! I promise to play and write up every game created by anyone who joins me in this experiment.