Altering Reality Through Play

Altering Reality Through Play


Alternate Reality Games (or ARGs) are built on the idea of a shared story invading the physical world, and can include scenarios of invading aliens, impending apocalypse, or mysteries waiting to be solved. While some incorporate technology or social media, many ARGs are built by transforming objects and spaces in the learners’ physical environment. Players collaborate and react to those ongoing stories through the mediation of the game designer, and in so doing, build new skills towards the intended  learning objectives.

In this workshop, we’ll experience and build our own “Alternate Reality  Games” for learning and training, designed to fit the needs of conferences,  retreats, workshops, or the classroom. You can download the worksheets here: NASAGAworksheet.

Full examples from Prezi:

Step One: Planning the Educational / Training Objectives

Step Two: Building the Rabbit Hole

Step Three: The Bread Crumb Trail

Step Four: The Final Obstacle

Step Five: Reflection and Transference of Skills