We are currently seeking submissions for a proposed MLA 17 special session, “That’s Not How Scholarship Works: Exploring the Process of Multimodal Critical Making.”  Most scholarly works published in digital forms reprise the written essay: they may be unconstrained by publisher’s desires for page limits, but otherwise they are often so bound to the pseudo-printed form as to be published online as PDF documents, paginated and static. Despite the promise of many disruptive technologies for collaboration, annotation, open peer review, and the integration of multimedia, relatively few literature and humanities journals operate with these mechanisms. Digital humanities discourse has embraced the collaborative project, which is oftenRead More →

Introduction: Twine as a Platform Quick Play: Conversations with my Mother Queers in Love at the End of the World Penalties Making Games with Twine 2 When we think of games in the classroom, we often picture the results of “edutainment” or “gamification”: games where the focus is on winning or leveling up through solving problems or completing repetitive tasks that might otherwise take the form of a test. But games aren’t just about earning points and conquering enemies: they are procedural systems for building meaning and representing social and philosophical conflict. In this workshop, we will take a look at what games can offerRead More →

Resources from my Games + Gamification Discussion for UCF Faculty Engaged Learning Group Presentation Slides Resources from my ProfHacker Games in the Classroom Series: Introduction (part 1) Finding Games (part 2) Making Games (part 3) “Gamification” (part 4) Making Games With… Inform 7 Inklewriter Scratch Board Games Twine Construct 2 Alternate Reality GamesRead More →