So I’m returning this evening after a rather disappointing foray out into the city–the city being in this case Arlington, VA by way of DC, and frankly there’s nothing I hate more in the world of driving than adventures through that particular area. I was intending to attend a talk on Usability standards, but ended up spending about an extra hour on the drive and getting lost. When it got to the point where the talk would have been half over, I surrendered and drove home. All in all not a profitable evening. My technology failed me, first through its absence: for journeys like thisRead More →

“The Internet, Dude. Shake it hard enough and you can get anything to fall out of it.” -Brent, PvP Animation Episode 7 Sex on the ‘net hits the news at regular intervals, as one big event or another falls in the hands of a news outlet and everyone is briefly fascinated by this brave new world. Right now, Second Life is at the top of the list for mainstream interest. With major companies invested in the Second Life mainframe and real money and–perhaps?–real hearts at stake in the intricacies of this virtual realm, everyone is as interested as they’ve been since LambdaMOO became home ofRead More → is home to a fascinating diy movement dedicated to allowing anyone with the tech know-how to “print” in 3D. The home creation of 3d knick knacks is interesting, but generally the replicas are without any great function. Finally, there’s a practical use for these toys: Candy Fab chronicles a printer that makes candy, fueled with sugar as its raw material. How far can we be from the dream Neal Stephenson presented in Diamond Age of the matter compiler, which like its Star Trek counterpart functioned as an easy way to create objects and food programmed to the user’s immediate desire? It’s not quite theRead More →