Mission Four: Gamify Your World

September 19, 2011 1:45 pm in Missions by Anastasia

Step One: Check In

First grade report will be based on your participation in Missions 1-3, and the guidelines for exchanging points will be made available.

Step Two: Reporting on Twitter

Step Three: In Class Design Exercise

In teams, discuss the concept of pervasive gaming experiences that exploit your social network and make use of micropayments. Pitch an idea for creating a game that follows these models for Twitter, using what we’ve discussed of social media theory. Your game idea should be situated on the foundation of an existing social network and consider innovative ways for using the connections and data that network makes available to you. (Post your idea in the Twitter group). Be prepared to pitch your idea in class and explain how you make use of the characteristics unique to the Twitter ecosystem: for instance, hashtags, the text-based exchanges, following, etc.

Step Four: Mission Gamification

This week’s mission is team-based. You will need to complete the first tasks individually and later as a group: all tasks are mandatory. This is a practice run for the Midterm Raid.

At-Home Task One: Observation

Watch Jesse Schell’s GamificationTalk and consider the model of gamification he presents. Observe “gamification” in the wild and report back on your findings in the Metagames forums. Think about Gamification as it exists in both “good” and “bad” implementations–and in the contexts we’re exploring through this course. How does The Unidentified play with the concept of gamification?

At-Home Task Two: Research and Report

Check out the issue of the Game Studies journal on Game Reward Systems. Pick an article to read and report back on the COSC 407 forums, considering:

  • The article’s thesis
  • Key points on which you agree / disagree
  • The centrality of the rewards system to the game experience under examination
  • The relationship argued between rewards and player motivations
  • The connection from this article to one of the assigned readings for this week. Make your connection explicit in the discussion.

Create a forum topic with the name of the article. If there is already a forum topic for the article you’re reading, join that discussion and continue the article analysis.

At-Home Task Three: Gamify Your World

Consider a task you engage in that is productive but not engaging on rewarding. Examples include routines, like the toothbrushing example from Schell’s video, or process like getting a licence renewed at the MVA. Pick something small enough that you can feasibly make a plan for every stage and context. Pitch the task you think is worth gamifying in the Gamification group. Don’t have an idea? Go find and comment on others’ pitches.

Find a group of three to four people to support your idea and make a plan for the process. This plan should include the rewards system, meaningful engagement, and deployment system for your game model–and should be doable without specialized technology or equipment. The entire plan must be agreed upon as a group and posted as a detailed rules set for “playing” the game of your task. Make sure your rules are clear to others and could be potentially picked up, in context, and “played.”

For the best score: either “show” us the play context of your game in a creative way (video, art, photography, Prezi…) or take someone else’s rules set and try playing their game, with documentation. (Groups who inspire the most “players” to try and document their challenge through narrative or pictures of game scorecards, etc. will win an achievement).