Evolving Games

November 28, 2011 3:52 pm in Supplemental by Anastasia

In Class Discussion: Evolving Games

  • What have hardcore games learned from casual? And vice versa?
  • Reflective Play: Glitch
  • The Social World’s A Stage
  • Five years out: “Are games better than life?” (David Perry)
  • Learning from the past: “We should expect the social game to evolve and seek for such an evolution.” (Gareth Mensah)
  • Something missing from games: “How can we change their perspective on life? By making more cows?” (David Calvo)

Check-in: Final Projects

At-home Task: Final Project Progress Reports

This week, you are expected to report back in the COSC 407 forum on some element of your final project. This could take the form of showing pictures or a playable prototype, crowdsourcing ideas for gameplay or technical solutions to problems, sharing new discoveries from research or offering your contemplations on an interesting challenge.

Participation in the weekly progress reports requires at least ONE post as an individual, each week, and at least TWO comments on other people’s final project progress or ideas.

Remember to work collaboratively–even if you choose to pursue the final project as an individual, you can benefit from the conversation.

This check-in is due by the start of class December 5th.