Anastasia Salter

Assistant Professor of Digital Media

More on 3D Printing is home to a fascinating diy movement dedicated to allowing anyone with the tech know-how to “print” in 3D. The home creation of 3d knick knacks is interesting, but generally the replicas are without any great function. Finally, there’s a practical use for these toys: Candy Fab chronicles a printer that makes candy, fueled with sugar as its raw material. How far can we be from the dream Neal Stephenson presented in Diamond Age of the matter compiler, which like its Star Trek counterpart functioned as an easy way to create objects and food programmed to the user’s immediate desire? It’s not quite the era of the transporter, but it’s a start…

[As a sidenote, with Halloween only a few months away, isn't it time to start decorating ala Evil Legos?]

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