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Digital Games Tools at NASAGA


Twine Resources:

Project: Building Your Twine Story

1. Adding the framework

  • Never remove or change the “Start” passage.
  • Include the “StoryTitle” and “StoryAuthor” passages
  • Add a passage called CSS with the tag “stylesheet
  • Pick an export format

2. Linking passages and adding elements

  • Add a link: [[text you display|PassageTitle]]
  • Add an image (stored in same folder): [img[sampleimage.gif]]
  • Embed another passage: <<display ‘PassageTitle’>>

3. Playing with your stylesheet

  • Change the display of links:
a { text-decoration: none !important }
a.internalLink { color: green !important }
a.internalLink:hover { color: white !important;
  • Change how passages are displayed:
.passage { width: 500px !important }
.passage {color: purple }

Overall Stylesheets for Inspiration

4. Working with Conditionals

<<set $metking = “no”>>
<<if $metking == “no”>>The king barely nods at you in greeting.
<<set $metking = “yes”>><<else>>The king ignores you.<<endif>>

5. Going further: Twine scripting

Resources from my ProfHacker Games in the Classroom Series:

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