Game A Week Seven: Hunt

Game A Week Seven: Hunt



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Idea: This week I wanted to take a break from serious topics. I heard about the #EasterEggJam and I decided to give it a try, so I limited my game production time to their schedule instead of using the full week. For a change of pace, I wanted to do something that was highly visual. My concept was an egg hunt platformer with a twist: the player is a girl hunting eggs, but there’s something else on a hunt as well…

What went right: I worked in Construct 2 again, and I admit that this time it was purely for the ease of making a browser-based version. I wanted to work in Adventure Game Studio and create more inventory-based puzzles, but I didn’t want to make a download-only game. Maybe next time. I was able to mostly use new art for this (the sprite is an older image of mine I modified, and she’s missing some walk cycles, and the harmless bunny is from another piece) and get a basic platformer going quickly. I have a few touches I’m happy with, like the random distribution of egg patterns and the Bunnicula-esque enemies.

What went wrong: The original version of this game was too hard (too many evil bunnies killing the player all the time), and since I didn’t want the girl to have the option of killing bunnies herself, I instead backed off those mechanics so that bunnies only interrupt you briefly. However, I think I made up for it in faithfulness to my concept with the ending scene, which occurs after the player brings ten eggs back to the house.

What I learned: It’s fun to work in the constraints of a jam, it definitely kept my idea scaled and thematic. I need to leave a lot more time for games where I want to make art, particularly animation, which I just didn’t have time for.

Other Games from Week Seven

Dennis Ramirez also embraced the spirit of the #EasterEggJam with his game, Hardboiled, a classic arcade-style game with a fun holiday twist. I liked the idea of shooting off the impending descent of Santa Claus and his minions on their attempt to eclipse and consume all other holidays.

Continuing in the spring spirit, Greg Koeser’s Debriefing Egg Hunt is a seasonally-themed training game that reminds us that any game can be a learning experience as long as there’s an element of debriefing and reflection. It reminds me of classic conference ice breakers but with a nice egg-based twist.

Melissa Peterson’s Schwarzwald is a classic top-down quest game where the player is hunting for the lair of dragonshrews through a tiled forest. It’s got a great retro-throwback feel.

Mark Danger Chen’s Stay Awake isn’t seasonal, but it is adorable.  It’s a great example of how a simple mechanic (poking the cat to keep it awake) can be addictive.