Game a Week Six: Towers

Game a Week Six: Towers



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Idea: This week I actually made two games, although the first was a very quick creation–2048: Academia Edition. You can read more about that game over on ProfHacker. Unfortunately, that one used up all my academic metagame inspiration for the week, so I switched back to my word games series for this time. I wanted to make a game where I used words as weapons, so I ended up starting from an Angry Birds-esque model.

What went right: I worked in Construct 2 again this week because it’s proven to be so friendly to quick prototyping. I didn’t have time to make new art, so I used the Dancing Men code for my victims awaiting attacks on their towers. Everything is based on the familiar mechanisms of catapult games, but I’m happy with the implementation of the physics and it’s relatively seamless to destroy the iconic men. I kept with the shades of gray color palette I’ve been favoring for this series of games, and I think the simplicity of it works well for the game’s message.

What went wrong: This was the first week I ran against Construct 2’s free edition restrictions on the number of layouts and other elements, so there’s only two levels and there’s a few unfixed bugs (the animation moves too quickly when words are chosen for each try, and the word drops the first time it appears on the second layout.)

What I learned: It’s time to buy the full version of Construct 2.

Other Games from Week Six

Most of the cohort claimed the week for a respite, but Dennis Ramirez took on the relentless grind of academic labor with his game Routine. It’s built in Unity, and it’s another example of using a familiar mechanic from memory games to make a statement.