Review and Geolocation

Mini-Project Three

*Updated!* The deadline for Mini-Project Three has been extended to March 26th to give everyone time to debug their code and get more comfortable with these program structures. Bring your questions to today’s review. I will not be available on email from March 17th to 24th, but I can answer additional questions before and after that time.

Review: JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Visualizing Variables, Parameters, Arguments and Arrays
  • Functions
  • If/Else
  • Objects
  • Loops
  • Structuring a program
  • Associative Arrays ( {} )

Discussion: What’s the Big Deal about Mobile?

Practice: The Geolocation API / Spec

Reminder: Upcoming deadlines: Mini Project 3 (March 26th) and Pseudocode Design Analysis (April 2nd)- note that the schedule of due dates has been shifted back. Mini Project Four will require work with an API, Mini Project Five will be a canvas project. Make sure to plan your time and start thinking about your final project now!

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