Game A Week 8: Impostor

Game A Week 8: Impostor




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Idea: I wanted to continue my academic metagame series, which draws on the similarity of some game mechanics to aspects of academia and our institutions. I’ve known for a while that I wanted to do something to play on the tower defense genre, ivory tower style. I also thought continuing the idea of words as weapons would work best for this concept.

What Went Right: I adapted one of the turret tutorial systems from Construct 2 to this new purpose.I loved drawing this one and bringing the metaphor of defending one’s tiny windowless office to life. At first I wasn’t sure what the turrets should be but I realized that my goal was to represent the way impostor syndrome and other barriers–both self-imposed and held up by others–keep certain voices out of the ivory tower. Thus, the “turrets” are the same figures as those they try to keep out.

What Went Wrong:  It pretty much works, although I didn’t quite get the pathfinding system to  behave the way I wanted to, and the awkward walls (while evoking some of the feeling of a university campus) don’t quite work.

What I Learned: I’d like to do more with the idea of an extensive ivory tower defense game taking place over several settings to really explore the concept.

Other Games from Week Eight

Several of the games from week eight are still pending release, but Mark Danger Chen’s RPG Quest is available. Mark’s created a short Twine game that turns a dark humorous lens on the task of character creation. Expect to die many times due to unforeseen bad choices, and watch out for the dead end of academia.