Game A Week Ten: Paper Pusher

Game A Week Ten: Paper Pusher


paper pusher

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Idea: I was thinking about classic gaming mechanics to play with this week, and I thought about the brilliance of Katamari Damacy and how it might make an excellent metaphor for some aspects of academic work. I began simulating the mechanic in 2D in a game where you collect materials towards a research paper, and your final word count is based on the scale of your research.

What Went Right: This week I really wanted to try a different aesthetic, so I decided to constrain myself to using only images found through the creative commons search on Flickr. I really like the overall feel and even the not particularly smooth animation of the moving crumpled ball of paper that the player guides in search of new material.

What Went Wrong: My original version of this game took the Katamari Damacy inspiration literally and attached the images of grabbed objects to the player’s paper. However, this quickly looked cluttered and awkward, and just didn’t read very well in 2D. If I were going to do this again, I might have played with the idea using Unity so I could experiment more with that aspect.

What I Learned: Working under image constraints was a great idea for this week, and I love how the metaphor worked out. I want to try similar experiments using only found materials.